Design Tips for an Overhead Page System

Design Tips for an Overhead Page System

Overhead paging is a simple form of transmission in theory, but in practice setup can be a little challenging. It requires some logistics regarding who should hear what, and what the system will be used for. Typical uses include:

  • Retail systems where employees need to be directed to a different department
  • Offices where pages inform employees of certain changes in protocol
  • Emergency systems to direct employees

These are just a few of the uses for paging. There are more specific use cases, like restaurants, where paging can become an important tool in servicing the customer better. Here are some tips for designing a system of your own.

Install Excellent Equipment

The first step in creating a company-wide paging system is installing good equipment. Quality equipment has good parts, like a quality power supply rated properly that will last for decades. Has the company been around for a long time, and can you acquire vintage versions of their products? If so, that’s a sign the product is good from a design and maintenance standpoint.

Make sure you take the time to do an install correctly. Don’t waste time later diagnosing a problem with wiring that could be fixed by taking time today.

Create the Right Infrastructure

AV equipment relies on modern infrastructure, such as quality internet and wireless technology in order to transmit data across short distances. Make sure you have proper internet to support a paging system in addition to any other infrastructure.

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