The Advantages of a Portable Air Conditioning Unit

The Advantages of a Portable Air Conditioning Unit


Purchasing a portable air conditioner over a central AC unit not only saves you money but it can also pack the same punch in half the size. Here are some advantages to using portable air conditioning that might help you make the switch.

These air conditioning units function by drawing in the warm and moist air from the surrounding. The air is then cooled down and dehumidified with the discharged heat and moisture relieved through a built-in exhaust system. You’ll find that portable AC units vary in how they are built so it’s worth checking out all of the features before committing to one. Some units are self-evaporating, meaning that the moisture will dissipate once it has been released from the air conditioner. Others require a draining system through a hose or water release bucket.


By switching over to a portable air conditioner, you’ll save money on your electricity bill, granted you don’t leave it on every second of the day. But, many homeowners or apartment owners switch to a portable unit to become more energy efficient and to catch a slight break on their energy bill.

Cooling Power

Looks can be deceiving. Some of the smaller units may look as though they won’t be able to pump out the same cooling power as a central unit or a window AC unit, but be prepared for a big surprise. Some advanced units have the capability to cool down a room even faster than an AC unit. While these are more on the expensive side, they are worth considering if you want an upgrade on your normal unit.


Many portable AC units have multi-functions. Some of them can be a dehumidifier, fan, or even a designated spot cooler.

Central AC units, when not properly maintained, can be an expensive repair to fix. Plus, if your central air conditioner has a water leak from the inside unit, it may lead to additional damages, which leads to even more money coming out of your pocket if left untreated. Water damage restoration services may not come at a cheap price and although your area will look spotless upon completion, your potential mess can be avoided by switching to a portable AC unit.

Summing It All Up

By switching over to a portable air conditioning unit, you’ll save money but also receive a significant amount of cooling power as well. It’s important to consider the many types of AC units that are available to see which one fits your home’s needs the best. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to cool your room down, consider going portable.

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