Tips for Creating Powerful Direct Mail Pieces

Tips for Creating Powerful Direct Mail Pieces

Written by eTargetMedia.

Even with the rise of digital marketing, direct mail can still be a powerful tool to reach out to potential customers. Many people have a stronger connection with advertising that they can touch and hold versus an online ad. In addition, the fact that fewer direct mail pieces are being sent means that your piece will have less competition in a person’s mailbox — and a better chance of getting noticed.

So how can you maximize the potential power of a direct mail campaign? Here are a few pointers to implement that will help you ensure that you get the most bang for your buck with your direct mail campaigns:

Direct Eyeballs to Your Key Message

Consider the flow of your text and images when you are designing your direct mail piece. It’s important that they all lead people naturally to the main “selling” point that you want to make. All of your marketing mail pieces should have a call to action that customers are drawn to and can easily understand.

Match Your Piece To Your Target Audience

Knowing your customer is crucial to the design of your direct mail piece. If you are targeting customers in an older age range, for example, you’ll want to make the text larger so it is easier to read. You can increase the effectiveness of your targeting by making sure you are using mail lists that are highly segmented. These lists are available from companies such as eTargetMedia.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Simple things such as testing the recipient’s knowledge or asking them rhetorical questions can keep them engaged in your direct marketing piece. You can also accomplish this by integrating pull tabs, spinning wheels and other interactive moving parts into your mailing.

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