A Better Form of Web Hosting

By Rack Alley

Every company needs to invest in web hosting. Obviously, you’re not going to be very successful these days if you don’t have a website. Having a website means you must have hosting too and, if you decide to really go all-out with your site, then you’re definitely going to have to invest in some serious hosting capabilities above and beyond what the average business needs.

So where does this put you if you want a site that really stands out? Well, you can’t expect the average Los Angeles web hosting solution to do the trick, that’s for sure.

Instead, you should really look into using LA colocation for your website hosting needs. Colocation is a setup where you completely customize the hardware that will get used to host your site. The colocation company then gives you the space you need for the hosting. This means an area that is climate controlled and will be able to provide the required amount of redundancy should anything unforeseen happen (e.g. an earthquake).

If you want a site that is going to give you the most opportunity to really show your company’s unique qualities, then this means picking a hosting company that provides colocation services like the ones we described above.


Los Angeles colocation is growing in popularity and for good reason. This alternative to the traditional data center comes with all of the benefits you’d expect from this option, but with far more versatility. Let Rack Alley show you!

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