Common computer security mistakes

Common computer security mistakes

Computers are now part of every facet of our lives. We have laptops, desktops, and carry around a computer in our pocket: the smartphone. However, there is also a dark side to this proliferation. Hackers, thieves, and criminals have a new vector to enter and disrupt our lives. The only way we can avoid or limit the damage is to take some computer security precautions or at the very least limit some of the bad habits. Here are some of the most common mistakes we make:


Too many devices are vulnerable to hacking and malware due to a lack of updates. Vendors constantly provide updates, but most people ignore or don’t bother. Every update secures your device against new threats, and it is critical that you install every update. If your device is too old to get updates, then it is time for an upgrade.


Similar to the above, users also ignore application updates and continue to use old vulnerable versions. Android and iOS users can enable automatic updates and avoid the hassle of manually looking for new versions. Windows and Mac users will need to check for new versions regularly.


There was a time we could download random applications from the web and try them out. Downloading an unknown application is no longer a good idea. Most free downloads online are a source of Malware or Adware and will only slow your down your computer. Before you download an application to your computer, ensure that it is a known vendor, or look up reviews.


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