The importance of data transfer standards

The importance of data transfer standards

With the right investments and partnerships, even a small to medium business can trade with those several times their size. Trading with larger partners need not be the domains of other large manufactures. With the right investment in digital technologies and data communication standards, anyone can have access to almost any market. Here are three ways that standards like EDI or the use of an EDI service bureau can have a meaningful impact on your bottom line:

Provides long term insurance against competitors

Competition is fierce, and any way you can get an edge is one you should take. With a technology like EDI, you are not likely to lose your orders to competitor without EDI. When you do come up against a competitor, the decision will go down to the quality of your product, and not your systems.

Allows monitoring of orders till arrival

Data transfer standards like EDI allow you to see the status of your order from the time you place it, until it arrives in your port. Every step of the way is a known quantity, information which is very important and useful for customer service.

Enables accurate prediction

When you know where your items are, and roughly how many days they will take to arrive, you can accurately predict almost every other of your product life cycle.

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