The key advantages of colocation

The key advantages of colocation

Written by Rack Alley

Here are the key advantages choosing Los Angeles colocation over an in-house server room operation:


Although most companies will have backup power in the form of a UPS system, can they be protected against longer term failures? Even constant brownouts will reduce the backup time of any UPS as it  will need to recharge. Colocation will give diverse power feeds from more than one provider and multiple paths to each one. This means that your systems will never go down due to power failure.


Data centers that provide server hosting Los Angeles will have multiple redundant connectivity. Getting 100+ Mbps to your office might require laying fresh fiber and other high capital expenditure costs. This will also require long-term commitments and high monthly fees. When using a data center and colocation, you can scale the bandwidth up and down will. When there is a surge of traffic, you can increase the bandwidth and once the demand drops it can be set back to the old levels, all at only the cost of the temp increase.


It is one thing to have your own server room setup. It is another thing to keep it going. Every few years each and every bit of equipment will need to be replaced. UPS units will need to be maintained every year after the initial warranty and then replace at about five years. The same goes for the network switches, servers, air conditioning, wiring.

Rack Alley is a provider of colocation services at their Los Angeles data center.


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