Three Colocation Myths Exposed

Three Colocation Myths Exposed

Written by Rack Alley

There are a lot of unknowns for organizations when considering a move to a data center. This is especially true for small and medium business that might lack the expertise of operating in a hosted space. There are a lot of myths when it comes to colocation, here are just a few:


Managed web hosting

There is a lot misinformation when it comes to colocation. It is considered to be managed web hosting by another name. This is not true. Managed web hosting is when the hosting is provided on the vendors’ hardware, while colocation is your hardware running in their premises. Data center providers also have services that offer web hosting. These however are not the same thing. There are Los Angeles web hosting providers in the event that colocation exceeds your requirements.


Basic web hosting is very cheap and colocation is several times more expensive. But basic web hosting has lots of disadvantages which are not obvious when signing up. There are unlimited storage and traffic based web hosting packages which when you look at the fine print really are not. They only exist to upsell to the more expensive packages. For any website that expects to grow significantly or already has large amounts of traffic, colocation is more economical. Los Angeles colocation services can provide premium server infrastructure that is affordable.


There is also the mistaken impression that colocation will not be as reliable as an in-house operation. This is also not true. These data centers run at less than 100% capacity and also adhere to standards well above the average server room operation. They also have staff monitoring at the site 24/7 with engineers on call.

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