Three Steps for Avoiding Spam Filters

Three Steps for Avoiding Spam Filters


Written by eTargetMedia.

Working with a reputable company such as eTarget Media to acquire a qualified email list is just one step in ensuring that you have a successful email marketing campaign. Many campaigns run into problems because a significant percentage of potential customers never receive the emails because they have automatically gone into a spam filter. Email clients use certain criteria to determine whether an email is potentially spam. Here are a few common problems that often lead to an email ending up marked as spam:

Subject Lines: Any subject line that is seen as being too sales-oriented is likely to be marked as spam. This can include subject lines with phrases such as “free,” “special offer” or “hurry.” You can avoid this problem by focusing on creating subject lines that tell recipients what is inside the email rather than trying to sell them on your product or service.

Content With Excess Hype: If the content of your email contains lots of aggressive sales jargon such as a “money-back guarantee” or that something “pays for itself,” there’s a good chance it will be marked as spam. Instead of over-hyping your product, stick to giving customers the facts about what you are offering.

Overuse of Excited Punctuation: Avoid overloading your email content with excess exclamation points, bold type or all caps. Not only does this look unprofessional but it’s a clear indication to email spam filters that your email may not be legitimate. Stick with regular punctuation and approach it like you are sending a message to a friend.

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