What languages are used in Android™ apps?

What languages are used in Android™ apps?

Several computer languages are available for Android app development. The choice of the language depends on these factors:

The nature of the app being written

The language(s) known by the app developer

The requirement for portability to other platforms

Google, the company that develops the Android phone, recommends Java™. Google’s Android SDK interfaces most easily with Java. In addition to Java, as mobile app developers Los Angeles and elsewhere know, you must also understand XML. XML is used to define the user interface for your app.

You can also use HTML5 along with CSS and JavaScript™ to build a simple app. Using HTML5 means that the app can be cross platform with little or no modification. If you need to interact with phone or tablet specific hardware, you can use Adobe’s PhoneGap. PhoneGap allows you to access devices like the camera and GPS using JavaScript.

You can also use the Qt™ system to make cross platform apps. Indeed, it is often used for app development in Los Angeles, when the same app is hosted on Android, iPhone™, desktop PCs and laptop computers.

You can also use that old standby C++, although Google states that this will make interfacing to the SDK harder than using native Java. However, your familiarity with C++ may make it a good choice.

You can use Corona™ with LUA™ if you are making a game app that involves the simulated movement of objects.
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