Budget Shopping for Mission Critical Video Walls

Summary: Purchasing new equipment doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Even if you’re running a small command center, it’s important that you allocate the necessary funds towards your video wall to ensure data is being streamed and the operators have a quality screen to refer to. This guide will walk discuss some options when it comes to budget shopping for LED displays.

Purchase Only What You Need

One of the most important aspects of a command center stems from the video wall itself, as well as the emergency operations center design. However, without the proper equipment, it’s nearly impossible for the operators to perform their job correctly. When it comes to high-tech displays, it should be noted that prices are providing clients with more for their money.

But, when it comes down to it, you shouldn’t spend more if the features aren’t needed within the center. Allocate your money to the displays that will prove useful for your operators rather than spending more just to purchase a product that has everything in one.

Allocate Funds Towards Other Equipment

If you have a dedicated budget, you’re probably thinking about what display monitor(s) you’re going to purchase. But, have you considered taking some of that budget and allocating it towards equipment that may improve other areas of your command center?

You may not even run through your spending money and still provide an efficiency boost to your operators. It all depends on what equipment you currently have and what you’re missing. The experts recommend that you even create a checklist to see what you’re currently missing so when the time comes to purchase new accessories, you can allocate your funds appropriately.

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