How to Create a Comfortable Atmosphere In a Command Center

How to Create a Comfortable Atmosphere In a Command Center

Summary: Without proper circulation, mission critical centers face a number of fatal risks.

Command centers run on a significant amount of power. With a number of high-tech equipment pieces and control center consoles, there needs to be a significant amount of cooling to prevent everything from overheating. This article will discuss what you should be looking out for when beginning your cooling crusade.

Think Twice Before Installing a Standard A/C Unit

Command centers, needless to say, must operate at peak efficiency around-the-clock. If an emergency were to occur and an operator wasn’t able to handle his or her duties due to an overheating computer, the situation could make a turn for the worst. Moreover, a standard A/C unit or spot cooler may not be enough to cool down your entire command center. Plus, the amount of dust that comes from these units can create issues in the long run. An alternative would be to purchase an HVAC unit that utilizes disposable filters.

Water Cooling is a Smart Purchase

Most computers tend to run hot when they overclock and work themselves beyond their limits. If your mission critical center runs demanding software programs, you may want to consider installing a water cooling system for each computer instead of a standard fan. While it may be cheaper to go with the latter, it can create an environment that’s filled with dust. Water cooling however, provides less dust output and can cool the entire computer down and keep them at safe temperatures.

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