Why Colocation Works for Many Small Businesses

Why Colocation Works for Many Small Businesses

By Rack Alley

Running a small business can mean a lot of different things these days. Whether yours entails an actual storefront and seeing customers face-to-face or selling your services over the World Wide Web, you’re going to need a site. Without one, you’ll be invisible to the vast majority of your prospective customers.

RackAlley3However, in order to have a website, you’ll need hosting and this is where a lot of small business owners like you make a huge misstep.

Having a hosting service doesn’t have to mean what it used to. Sure, you can still go the traditional route and basically pay an LA data center to provide your website with a server. But it often makes even more sense to go with Los Angeles colocation. In this scenario, a local facility is used to host the server that you design. This is a task you can actually outsource to others in order to get the best possible design without needing to have any type of background in IT.

In most cases, the colocation facility will have some IT people on hand in case of the worst scenario occurring. Otherwise, you’ll save money by basically handling the entirety of your website’s hosting needs.


If your company is looking for alternatives to traditional hosting services, you should look into what a Los Angeles data center entails. For best results, talk to the folks at Rack Alley to see how they can meet your needs.

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