A Biometric Breakdown on Time Clocks

A Biometric Breakdown on Time Clocks

Written by: Allied Time Clock

Biometric time clocks are a “safe” solution for business owners.

Fingertec-TA300-2TBiometric time clocks are one of the most prevalent types of time clocks used in today’s corporate world. Their unique biometric-based time and attendance terminals not only maximize your ROI but also create a unique identity for each of your employee. No more “buddy punching” and dealing with employee time theft. What you’re going to receive is an advanced form of technology that accurately captures each individual’s unique value.

A standard employee time clock, such as the paper-based time clock, has been around for hundreds of years. They’re sturdy, able to withstand damages, and are fairly straightforward to use. It’s essentially a basic time management system without all the bells and whistles. By switching over to a biometric terminal, features such as fingerprint scans are brought to the next level. Certain biometric models capture a three-dimensional image of the hand for maximum security. This measurement can not only play a role in accurate time-keeping, but also for privacy purposes as well.

Some of the newest technologies incorporate the employee’s vein structure within the scan. Biometric technology has broken boundaries in improving the timeclock. If you’re running a large business with numerous employees, consider switching over to a biometric terminal for a smarter solution. You’ll not only feel more secure but with biometric technology accurately calculating each employee’s hours, you won’t have to worry about discrepancies when they receive their pay check. The intricacies of today’s technology further prove that company security is heading in a direction far beyond the imagination.

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