How to Optimize Your Call to Action

How to Optimize Your Call to Action

An essential piece of an email is the call to action. It directs the consumer to your landing page and guides them to making a purchase. However, many marketers continue to errantly incorporate a failed call to action, resulting in little to no benefit to the company.

Don’t Overextend Your Call to Action

A common mistake that marketers continue to make is making their call to action too long. A short and sweet phrase is enough to make the average consumer look into your product. If you’ve noticed, many popular retailers have a two- to four-word call to action in their emails – and they convert too. A simple, “Shop now” is enough to make an impact in an email.

Don’t Shy Away

Many of you are already aware that a call to action is essentially like giving instruction to someone. You’re telling people what to do – and it’s fine. A couple examples would be “give as a gift”, or “send me there now”. You’re guiding them to your product page. It’s a straight message that literally tells your consumer what he or she should do. And, it’s extremely easy to do.

Distinguishing Your Call to Action

Many marketers make their call to action stand out from the other content and images on the page. How? Many simply change the color of the button that contains the call to action. If your background is blue, and you have a link that leads to your page in bright green, the average person will glance over it at least three times before making a decision to either close the email or proceed to your website.

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